Philosophy History Parent Manual

Late 1983, when Patty Shackleford returned to Keystone Heights, Florida with her toddler son Robbie, she was unable to find adequate childcare in the area. This inspired Patty to do something about the situation so she and her family purchased a small existing service named “A Child’s Garden” and reopened their own service in January of 1984 called “Midway Learning Center”.

It soon became apparent with the increased enrollment that the little building wouldn’t meet the community’s needs, so in 1985 a brand new addition was built that more than tripled the size of the facility. The past 15 years haven’t seen any change in the outside structure but the inside has been remodeled to reflect the changes in our society. From babysitting to a learning center with certified teachers and a curriculum designed for young children. Midway Learning Center has become a

Nationally Accredited Center that provides educational services to children ages 1 through 10.



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