Midway’s School-Age curriculum provides opportunities for students to make their own choices and to initiate their own activities. The teacher actively communicates with each child and provides opportunities and support for them to understand, and use verbal and non-verbal means of communicating thoughts and feelings.

The school age child is provided a variety of outdoor equipment and activities such as soccer, kickball, basketball, and a jungle gym to promote and encourage the physical development of both gross and fine motor muscles. These activities also help children learn to be a team member, develop strategies for solving social problems in a safe, and nurturing environment.
Midway offers a quiet time in which school age children may complete homework and receive any necessary assistance. Each school age child has the opportunity to participate in planned or spontaneous activity such as board games, card games, and arts and crafts. This allows the children time to sit and talk with their friends and helps the child feel accepted in groups. It also helps children learn to communicate their thoughts and feelings in an appropriate respectful manner as well as develop a sense of independence. Midway also provides a wide range of activities and field trips for the time when school aged children do not attend school.


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