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The preschool program is a developmental curriculum built around age appropriate readiness concepts developed around monthly thematic units, with the teacher following the internationally acclaimed High Scope Curriculum.

The teacher, Miss Tina, provides each child with an appropriate learning environment through use of interest centers both indoors and outdoors. The teacher provides a safe organized play area with interest centers. This encourages opportunities for your child to choose their own activity from among a variety of learning areas and projects made available, based on information

about the child’s varying interests and abilities. The children are provided time to work with small and large groups. These interest centers include areas and activities for the library, large and small muscle development, sand and water play, science, dramatic play and housekeeping, table toys, blocks, expressive arts, and the computer lab. Each student has an opportunity daily to access appropriate materials and equipment for climbing, balancing, building with blocks, puzzles, books, music, arts and crafts material, pretend toys and clothing for dramatic play, and sand and water toys.
The teacher provides opportunities for the children to initiate activities, and to make their own choices. Students are asked open-ended questions, and provided assistance in problem solving. The teacher reads stories and nursery rhymes every day.To encourage language and literacy development the teacher provides a print rich environment. Items are labeled and

written words are used with pictures and drawings. The children are also provided time for music and movement activities such as singing and playing musical instruments. Teachers provide opportunities for children to learn from each other as well as adults and promote language skills by talking to the children through the day and listening to the children as they respond to the teacher and each other.

Midway’s teachers plan each day' activities in order to provide every child with a safe and friendly atmosphere to learn and grow in.


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