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The daily activities for our two-year-olds consists of indoor and outdoor activities, alternating periods of quiet and active play, and appropriate hands on activities. The curriculum helps the children to develop social, self-help, and language skills. Each day the children are provide activities which will assist in the development of their attention span. Large and small block play is encouraged daily to develop creative expression and space perception. Through a variety of indoor and outdoor activities, children are provided activities to increase awareness of body parts and personal position in space.

The teacher, Miss Lori, reads stories and nursery rhymes everyday. Songs and finger plays built around a monthly theme are used to create large and fine motor skills and an increased understanding of phonemic awareness. Art and crafts materials, including clay, beads, lace cards, and simple puzzles are available for the children. Dramatic play both indoors and outdoors, as well as

centers for housekeeping, art and blockplay or manipulatives are used daily. The development of pre-writing skills occurs when the teacher records the children's dictated stories or songs on artwork or other craft designs. The teacher and the environment provide a safe, warm, and fun atmosphere to enhance the opportunity for children to make their own choices.


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