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The one-year-old students are scheduled time each day for both indoor and outdoor play, quiet and active play, large and small muscle activities. These young children are provided a safe place to move about and explore their environments. Each day, the one-year-olds are provided simple puzzles, blocks and other toys that help develop their pincer grasp and their ability to begin complete tasks for them selves. These activities also encourage the development of discrimination of shapes and other spatial perceptional skills. The one-year olds are provided a variety of large crayons, markers and paints to encourage spontaneous hand-eye coordination and the development of large and fine muscles necessary for pre-writing skills.

The teacher, Miss Polly,  reads books, sings songs or repeats rhymes. These literacy activities are used to help stimulate the basic levels of phonemic awareness. These activities also increase the development of spoken language and concept development. This is also the time that children are encouraged to begin developing self-help skills by having the opportunity to use a spoon at mealtime or finger foods to develop independence in feeding. During this time, one-year-olds are given opportunities to follow simple one to two step directions. The daily activities provide for indoor and outdoor play [weather permitting].

The environment at Midway Learning Center provides a warm loving atmosphere with appropriate materials and equipment to enhance the opportunity for children to make their own choices.


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